Loveburgh 420mg Hemp Seed CBD Oil 10ml

Loveburgh 420mg Hemp Seed CBD Oil 10ml

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Loveburgh - 420mg Hemp Seed Oil

Full Spectrum Hemp Seed CBD Oil Blend - "The 420"

This Hemp Seed Oil is brought to us by Loveburgh. The 420mg Hemp Seed Blend, known as "The 420",  is a balanced infusion of Hemp seed Oil. This Hemp seed Oil has a wide range of natural cannabinoids - it also has a slightly higher ratio of CBDa to CBD. This means that it lives up to its raw and organic  properties. The 420’ is fantastic for those seeking a strong and natural oil with an earthy, spicy and refreshing flavour.

Each 10ml Bottle of Loveburgh 420mg Hemp Seed Oil Contains:

  • True Entourage Oil
  • 420mg CBD+CBDa+CBG
  • 200 drops / 2.1mg per drop
  • Approx. 200mg CBD total
  • Approx. 220mg CBDa total
  • Trace levels CBG, CBC
  • Healthy Omega 3+6
  • Organic Hemp Seed Oil
  • Natural Plant Terpenes
  • Low THC – Under 0.2%
  • Clean Co2 Extracted
  • Zero Preservatives
  • Zero Chemicals