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UK CBD Flowers And Hemp – Trimmed, Dried And Cured

The CBD buds and flowers that we stock here at The CBD Hub UK are sourced using the finest European approved strains of hemp. All the products are sourced using licensed producers and in compliance with the EU/UK growing standards. These regulations indicate that a maximum of 0.2 percent of THC can be included in the product.

Our CBD flowers are processed using industrial hemp strains. The processing procedure involves trimming, drying, curing and classification as a hemp product. To ensure the quality of the processed CBD flowers is high-quality, the flowers are packed in food grade packaging. No individual package includes more than 1 mg of THC.

View our selection of CBD buds and flowers which have been developed to produce natural and unique flavours. If you are looking for something specific, check out our CBD shop for CBD oils, CBD edibles and much more! 

Are CBD Flowers Legal To Use In The UK?

Yes, CBD flowers are legal to use in the UK if they include less than 0.2 percent of THC. All of the CBD flowers sold on our website are below the required 0.2 percent, so you can relax and enjoy the flowers without the concern of ‘being high’. The CBD buds are obtained from the highest quality of approved hemp strains and then treated with care from beginning to end.

How Do I Use CBD Flowers?

Due to CBD being a non-psychoactive product, the flowers do not result in a ‘getting high’ effect and can be used in various ways. If you choose to purchase a dry herb vaporizer, the CBD flowers can be used in the device or if you want a small ‘pick me up’. Why not add CBD flowers to food you are cooking or baking?

Why Should I Use CBD Flowers?

CBD can be utilised for a plethora of reasons. Most people use CBD and CBD flower for therapeutic reasons based on the qualities that define CBD. It is used as a non-psychoactive product to relieve people of anxiety and pain, as well as various other medical conditions.

If you are still asking the question of ‘what is CBD’, then you are not alone in your curiosity. The CBD flowers and buds (in fact, even the use of CBD bath bombs) are a new option for most people. Our blog provides information on CBD oil, using CBD for pets and extensive guides to tell you all about CBD.

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